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Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts

Eureka Springs 29th annual May Festival of the Arts

This year is packed with one-of-a-kind art exhibits in Eureka Springs, demonstrations all over Eureka Springs, performances in Downtown Eureka Springs venues, culinary arts in Eureka Springs Restaurants, free music in the Basin Park, and the wildest street party thrown by the artists and Gallery Owners of Eureka Springs – The White Street Walk.

Art is alive in Eureka Springs! Tucked in the mountains, surrounded by lakes, rivers, streams, and natural healing springs, authentic creative spirits run rampant through the village. Come visit and soak in an art happening that can’t be found anywhere else….

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Eureka Springs Things To Do

ATTRACTIONS In Eureka Springs

Local attractions range from the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, home to wild cats, to the Promised Land Zoo, to the inspiring Thorn Crown Chapel, to War Eagle Mill, a working flour mill….

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