Night of a Thousand Santas (#EurekaNTS) Dec 9th, 2017

Eureka Springs Night of a Thousand Santas (NTS – 1000 Santas)

Feeling especially naughty or nice?  Night of 1,000 Santas is for you!

Join the Night of a Thousand Santas.  What is it??….  A deconstructed pub crawl and ActionBound Scavenger Hunt that drops you into the bar scene in downtown Eureka Springs.  Wrist Band gets you past all the cover charges and provides FREE entry to see Earl and Them at Chelsea’s. Come play and you might win a trip back to Eureka Springs!

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Brownstone Inn Lodging Special For August 2017

2017 August Lodging Special @ Brownstone Inn

Ozark Mountain Vacation Rental is offering a Low Rate Lodging Special for selective suites @ Brownstone Inn, in Eureka Springs.

The Brownstone Inn invites you to take a step back in time with this gorgeous old limestone building where you can enjoy the culture of Eureka Springs while remaining off the beaten path. Nestled in a cool valley, The Brownstone Inn offers peace and tranquility with each of our five luxury suites. The two large suites on the upper floor open onto the new spacious and elevated wooden deck, with abundant sitting areas. The deck alone will provide you a memorable experience, unique to The Brownstone Inn, and deserves sharing with someone special….

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Love, Theater, Dance, and Massage InEurekaSprings

Happy February!

I love this month! First, it’s that much closer to spring, which I also love, and it’s home to Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t love Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure they have their reasons, but they might also be missing a few of mine. To me February 14th is about love in all forms. In fact my first experience of Valentine’s Day was receiving candies and love notes from my mom, certainly not from boyfriends. On the romantic front, I will admit that I have been spoiled. Raymond and I will be spending our 15th Valentine’s Day together this year, but even still… I love my dogs, I love my home, I love my mom, my friends, my students, this little baby on the way. I love the sunshine and I love the rain. So if you’re a cynic this season I urge you to reconsider how many wonderful people, places, and things, you have and love in your life. And then choose to celebrate love in all forms this February 14th, and all month long….

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