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Zipline in Eureka Springs? YES!!

Posted by Damon Henke on August 25, 2014
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EuZipline in Eureka Springsreka Springs is home to Arkansas’ Highest and Longest Zipelines.  Ozark Mountain Ziplines’ delivers a tour through hardwood forests. You will find that the Eureka Springs are of the Ozark Mountains has its own bird, plant, and animal life, which our guided tour will introduce to you as you glide along from tree to tree! Equipment and cables are inspected regularly as they adhere to the highest of safety standards.

A 100% tree-based adventure, our zip line canopy tour allows participants to experience a secluded outdoor adventure from high in the treetops.

• 10 zip lines, ranging from 120 to 1800 feet in length.
• Suspended tree platforms, 1 suspended sky bridge, 2 short hikes.
• Take in beautiful long-range views of the Ozark Mountains from tree platforms
• Explore the forest from 20 feet to over 200 feet in the air!
• An approximately 2-hour tour on well over one mile of suspended cable.
• 10 guests per tour accompanied by 2 professionally trained and friendly Zip
Line Guides.
• An all-weather adventure, providing an adrenaline rush – rain or shine!

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