Love, Theater, Dance, and Massage InEurekaSprings

Love, Theater, Dance, and Massage InEurekaSprings

Happy February!

I love this month! First, it’s that much closer to spring, which I also love, and it’s home to Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t love Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure they have their reasons, but they might also be missing a few of mine. To me February 14th is about love in all forms. In fact my first experience of Valentine’s Day was receiving candies and love notes from my mom, certainly not from boyfriends. On the romantic front, I will admit that I have been spoiled. Raymond and I will be spending our 15th Valentine’s Day together this year, but even still… I love my dogs, I love my home, I love my mom, my friends, my students, this little baby on the way. I love the sunshine and I love the rain. So if you’re a cynic this season I urge you to reconsider how many wonderful people, places, and things, you have and love in your life. And then choose to celebrate love in all forms this February 14th, and all month long.

If you need a little more love in your life, then come and have some of ours. We’ve got lots of loving energy and events on the calendar this month. Keep reading and love on!

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I’m all mushy with love, I know! It’s the month, it’s the holiday, it’s probably the pregnancy as well. But I don’t care, feeling super full of love is amazing! And guess what else I love?…
I love this show. It’s turning out to be so playful, and sexy, and funny! And I would also love if you and a whole bunch of people you know would come and see it. We’ve got seven show dates this month! Get your tickets and get lost in love.

Evening Show at 8:30PM
2/10, 2/11, 2/14, 2/17, 2/18

Matinee Show at 2:30PM
2/12, 2/19

Tickets $25

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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a communal gathering in a safe and sacred space where freedom of movement and expression is the only goal. This experience is open to everyone. It is not a dance class, we like to think of it more like movement meditation. We turn our attention inward to the heart and body and let it guide us through our own unique actions. We may interact with others, but talking is usually kept to a minimum. Toward the end of the session we will gather in a circle to share our experiences. Join us on the dance floor and be free!

Sunday February 26th
$15 per person


Thai Massage Workshops

This is a series of workshops lead by Heather Dawn Huber LMT who has studied Thai massage in Thailand! She will guide students through hands on massage techniques emphasizing the nuance of touch. Students work in rotating partnerships and practice on ourselves and each other. This is a comfortable and safe space for all students to explore and indulge in the sweetness of healing touch and massage. Some describe Thai massage as ‘traditional massage meets yoga’ as there is more proactive movement and stretching involved. Heather will focus on a different region of the body each month. Students are encouraged to attend every month but are also welcome to join at any time.
Sunday February 26th
$15 per person

Friendship, Love & Truth,
Emma & Raymond

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