Eureka Springs Fun Crawl / Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Fundraiser Event for Main Street Eureka Springs

The Artragous Cinco de Mayo Fun Crawl

The next fun crawl / selfie scavenger hunt will happen ALL DAY on Saturday May 5th throughout Downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas.
$5 Tickets available at

Step 1 – Put on your sombrero!  We love costumes on Fun Crawls!!
Step 2 – Download the Actionbound App ( and get started.

The App has a map and will guide you through the fun crawl.  There is also a Selfie Scavenger Hunt on the App that you will participate in as you do the fun crawl.  You will be taking a selfie at each stop.  Note – Bring your phone charger and take lots of photos and video all day.  We encourage social media posting and FaceBook Live videos!   #OnlyInEureka

Eureka Springs Fun Crawl Event

Choose to do the fun crawl in any order.  The stops are Brews, Chelsea’s, Rowdy Beaver Den, Henri’s, Eureka Live, New Delhi Cafe, and The Cat House..

The Fun Crawl kick-off party starts at Brew at 1pm, although, you can start anytime that day.
IMPORTANT:  At 2 PM, we will all step outside to watch the Parade on Spring Street.  Then, continue to the next stop on the Fun Crawl.  You can start/stop/complete the fun crawl ANYTIME and IN ANY ORDER on that day.

The Stops are in an easy to travel sequence on the Actionbound App, but you can choose to do them in any order.  Take a photo at ALL 7 stops to qualify for a drawing for a RETURN TRIP to Eureka Springs (2 people / 2 nights lodging).  Again, you can start and end at any bar.  If you come to a bar that is over crowded, you can easily skip that stop and come back to it later.  Most of the fun crawl groups will eventually funnel back to Chelsea’s at the end of the evening to enjoy live music on stage (Additional cover charge may apply).

This fun crawl is designed to be a guide to navigate the downtown Entertainment District.  There is no obligation to make any purchase at any stop during the fun crawl.  If you do choose to drink, please do not over-indulge.  We ask that you remain aware of your alcohol intake throughout the day and respect your limits.  Drinking too much can quickly bring your fun to a halt and can greatly reduce the fun of others as well.  Please respect the people and property around you, and party in somewhat of a controlled fashion.

This event is a fundraiser for Main Street Eureka Springs.  Proceeds will be used to further preservation and economic development in Downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas.

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