Night of a Thousand Santas (#1000Santas) Dec 14th

Night of a Thousand Santas (#1000Santas) Dec 14th

Eureka Springs Night of a Thousand Santas (#1000 Santas)

Feeling especially naughty or nice?  Night of 1,000 Santas is for you!

Join the Night of a Thousand Santas.  What is it??….  A deconstructed pub crawl and Selfie Scavenger Hunt that drops you into the bar scene in downtown Eureka Springs.  The Wrist Band gets you entered in for prizes.  Play along and you might win a trip back to Eureka Springs!


Keep in mind that this is an adult event. Many stops require participants to be at least 21 years old! No matter how old you are, your ID will be checked at every bar! Bring valid ID.
Participants MUST wear appropriate attire! A Santa Hat, a Mrs. Claus outfit, Elf attire, or maybe a Reindeer… you get the idea. Being dressed as Santa is not only part of the event, but it is exceedingly FUN!
Be the Santa and feel the Christmas spirit. Bring extra Santa hats, candy, or some other ingenious festive items to give to those enjoying the festivities!
Do your part for the cause (Main Street Eureka Springs) – Support NTS by competing in the scavenger crawl and capturing Selfies at all the stops. Tag them #1000Santas. The establishments on the Official Map thank you for participating! They’re the ones supporting NTS with much appreciated enthusiasm!
What does the $15 Ticket/Donation get you? The purchase of a ticket gets you a VIP Wrist Band and makes you eligible for prizes and affiliates you with the event. You can win a return trip to Eureka Springs by competing in the Selfie Scavenger Crawl. There is no requirement to drink or spend money at any of the stops. This is simply a fundraiser event designed to bring friends together to celebrate the holidays.
The Official Night of a Thousand Santas Maps are available at the beginning of the night at registration.
You should try to visit all the stops; however, if you choose to drink, you should pace yourself and drink plenty of water!!! Chelsea’s has a Pizza Restaurant upstairs.
Keep in mind your tasty beverages must be finished before leaving each establishment. Let’s not put the police to work.
DO NOT LET ANYONE DRINK & DRIVE!!! NO EXCUSES!!! Leave No Santa Behind! If you find a Santa that has had too much to drink, put ’em in a cab!
Never hang out at the same stop for more than 20-30 minutes. It’s a multi-venue event! It’s going to be quite a feat to hit every stop (required to win)!! It’s a marathon! Keep moving!
Don’t forget to tip your bartenders, etc.! They deserve it for putting up with our… ummm… holiday spirit!
Don’t forget to sing carols & do a bit of wassailing!! Come revel in the awesomeness that is #NTSEureka!
Have FUN!!!

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